Backup & Data Recovery

Backup and Disaster Recovery

You simply cannot take any risk when it come to the personal files of clients and other essential business information. All of the data that you collect in your company – from emails to word, excel and databases – need to be filed and stored away for future analysis and reference. We have multiple progressive back-ups depending on which version of document is required.

Cloud Storage, disaster recovery, and back-up offers a lot of advantages and cost savings to small businesses. Without back-up, and disaster recovery, all of your information is virtually unprotected, and if you experience a security breach or a server cash then you could potentially lose a lot of business in lost time, data loss, and a lot of money. Cloud services invariably offers added guarantees and security that you simply will not be able to match in-house.

Data Recovery

We recovxxer all types of files such as documents, pictures, songs, movies, accounting data, critical data, and sensitive data.

From any device including desktop hard drives, external and portable hard drives, notebook hard drives, mobile video and audio devices, flash based USB storage devices, camera memory cards, optical media, tape and cartridge media, specialized software recovery, and certified data deletion services.

The damage can be from any type of natural disaster (such as flood, fire, etc), accidental or intentional destruction of any type, or a system crash. The device can be completely dysfunctional and inoperable: meaning it doesn’t even turn on. We are here to get your data back!




Managed Services

Managed services are outsourcing everyday server and computer responsibilities that would otherwise normally be managed in-house. Strategically, this is used as a method for cutting costs in a company and improving operations.

Server & Network Infrastructure

We ensure that servers are backed-up every 15 minutes using our disaster recovery solutions and redundancy, and are protected from unexpected power disruptions. We can provide the setup of your network including professional cabling, patch panel, firewall, router, wireless, and switches.

SOS Computer Services is an IT and computer repair business geared towards small businesses and agencies.

Our services are focused towards providing a complete business continuity solution that will bring you peace of mind.

We were voted one of the top 3 Computer Repair business' in Calgary and won the Calgary Consumer Choice Award for 2016 & 2017.